TCW097 1xTL5-14W HFP


หมวดหมู่ : Indoor Waterproof Batten


  Functional impact-, dust- and jetproof luminaire for single and twin TLD and TL5 fluorescent lamps for indoor applications and semioutdoor applications. Housing and cover of TCW097 are made of high quality poly-carbonate which has an excellent impact resistant property. The cover has anti-UV additives which bring additional performance levels to UV protection. Available with conventional or high-frequency (HF) electronic control gears. Can be ceiling mounted or suspended. Equipped with mounting brackets, mounting is made easy via screws without drilling into the luminaire housing. Gear tray and metal toggles are reinstalled; cable gland and mounting brackets are delivered with the luminaire.

• Dust-and moisture-proof, impact resistant
• Anti-UV function cover, effective from wavelength 240nm to 370nm
• Specially designed toggles protect against dust and water ingress
• Easy installation and maintenance using toggles and stainless steel mounting brackets
• Luminaire is integrated and prewired with control gear

• General industry
• Food & beverage industry
• Dusty areas
• Wet & moist areas
• Car parks
• Storage areas

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