StyleStateis a meaningful LED accent lighting product for retail and hospitality application. with its elegant & stylish design, delivers high quality of light,It offers diverse configurations of recessed and track mounted, round and rectangular type , It could apply to shopping mall, retail store, fashion shop, hotel etc.

Truefashion Projector is Targeting to approach mid-high end retail segment with attractive outlook design, excellent quality of light with FPO lens and Philips LED Flavors as well as system connectivity

FlexAccentG2 is a functional LED accent lighting product delivers substantial energy saving.and with PremiumWhiteCoBLED technology offers an optimized color spectrum that enhances look of your items. It creates a very “true” lighting effect –the real CDM-Elite replacement.

GreenUp Slim Downlight is ultra-thin product for general lighting applications with limited build-in height.

The perfect energy efficient LED replacement for conventional downlights

Miniaturized downlight with leading optical performance and great diversity

Surface Mount LED Downlight

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