GreenPerform Highbay Elite is elegant industrial design with fantastic light quality, superior efficiency & long-term reliability.

GreenPerform Highbay Rectangular is IP65 LED Highbay with dedicated optical design, leading system efficiency and compact dimemsion, is the optimized solution for warehousing and logistic related applications.

SmartBright Highbay G3 is a high efficient and reliable LED luminaire. Designed as the point to point replacement for HPI 250W/400W luminaires, It offers customers all the benefits of LED lighting.

GreenUp Wellglass, is designed for outdoor application and industry of harsh conditions. Compared with conventional HID, it improves reliability and comfort dramatically while saves energy.

Mini500 G3 is designed for petro-station canopies and low/high-bay applications, this ultra-efficient retrofit fixtures offer outstanding light quality, effective thermal management, and a long lifespan.

Green Perform Highbay G2

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