Philips SlimBalance is a full rage of product family with sleek and elegant design helps to create attractive and differentiated space for customers. The family covers different length (600mm,1200mm,1500mm), different end cap (round, square) and different light distribution (direct, indirect).

Philips PowerBalance 3.0 offers additional energy saving through daylight harvesting and motion sensing with easy installation.

Philips GreenPerform Troffer

Philips SmartBright Suspension is the most affordable LED linear solution, which is designed specially for those open ceilings where traditional installation cannot work. The complete product family offers a variety of dimensions with focus on suspension application, covering wider potential applications.

The SmartBright Slim Panel provides the most affordable LED solution. The complete product family delivers multiple mounting types, product dimensions and lumen options. The new generation ensures both higher system efficacy and excellent lighting uniformity.

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